Time Lapse Cloud Animation

Friday 24 June 2005

made by Eddie Graham, images taken manually 15 seconds apart

This is one of my favourite animations, there are some good things to see!

  1. A strong storm tower, which is almost stationary near Yverdon, Switzerland
  2. The cyclonically spreading and rotating anvil
  3. The cooling of the air below by anvil precipitation, giving rise to new towers in distance
  4. The west-southweserly flow of the incoming clouds from the left
  5. But what's this wave cloud moving from the storm centre to the east? It's a storm punch (gravity) wave cloud of course! Caused by the cumulus tower itself! Watch how it travels westwards throughout the animation. It's just like if you dropped a big stone in a still pond!
The Payerne radiosonde for 12z showed a little shear above 1,200m, but not much (hence the storms didn't move a great deal). However winds were completely WSW from 1,200m upwards, above a surface calm.

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