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The table below shows the latest meteorological measurements of the weather station in Zimmerwald (46° 52' 37.5'' N 7° 27' 54.8'' E, 905 m asl) of the Institute of Applied Physics of the University of Bern. The values are updated every ten minutes. Due to the data transfer there is usually a delay of some minutes. Note that the time is in UT.

Time [UT]23:03:05
Air temperature [°C]14.514.514.614.5
Relative Humidity [%]9190.190.989.2
Dewpoint [°C]13.012.913.012.8
Air pressure [hPa]913.6913.6913.6913.5
QNH [hPa]1017.91017.91017.91017.8
QFF [hPa]1018.81018.81018.81018.8
Wind speed [m/s]1.51.6(2)1.9(2)1.3(2)
Wind direction [°]171172(2)189(2)161(2)
Visibility [m]2000020000(10)
Rain gauge [mm]0.00.0(reset at 06:00 UT)
Rain sensor [mm]0.074.2(restarts after 100 mm)
Present Weather
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last 60 minutesClear


In general, instantaneous, average, maximum and minimum values are displayed. The time period for the average, maximum and minimum values is one hour, except for wind speed and direction, where the period is two (superscript 2) or ten minutes (superscript 10). Also the visibility average value is over ten minutes. QNH and QFF are pressures normalized to sea level, the first with a standard temperature of 15°C and the second with the actual temperature.

The rain and snow sensors provide an instantaneous value and a cumulative sum. The sum of the rain gauge is reset at 06:00 UT every day. The other two sums restart after 99.99mm (rain) and 999.99mm (snow).

The weather types of the present weather sensor are according to the WMO code table 4680.

Martin Lainer, Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bern
Last update: 2014-04-28 18:08 CEST