STudies in Atmospheric Radiative Transfer
and Water VApour Effects

The STARTWAVE database

The STARTWAVE database makes available ground based measurements of water vapour and liquid water from various instrument networks in Switzerland.

STARTWAVE data can be used for scientific purposes only. To become a user you must first accept the conditions for using the database and register.

You can download small amounts of data on a trial basis by giving the user name startwave_demo and leaving the password line blank when you are asked for your user name and password. Your query will be restricted to 100 lines.

Data from instruments run by the Institute of Applied Physics

The ExWi weather station (Bern)

> More information > ExWi weather station homepage > Download 10 minute meteo observations

The Zimmerwald weather station

> More information > Download 10 minute meteo observations

The Zimmerwald ceilometer

Measures the cloud base height.
> More information > Download 2 minute ceilometer observations

The TROWARA microwave radiometer

Measures integrated water vapour and liquid water.
> More information > TROWARA homepage > Download hourly means

The MIAWARA microwave radiometer

Measures stratospheric water vapour profiles.
> More information > MIAWARA homepage > Download diurnal MIAWARA water vapour profiles

The AMSOS airborne microwave radiometer

Measured stratospheric water vapour profiles from aircraft until 2006.
> More information and data download > AMSOS homepage

The ASMUWARA microwave radiometer

Measured tropospheric water vapour, liquid water and temperature profiles until 2004.
> More information > ASMUWARA homepage > Download hourly average IWV, ILW and brightness temperature data
> Download hourly average water vapour profiles > Download hourly average temperature profiles

Data from external contributors

Radiosonde data

Measures integrated water vapour.
> More information > Download integrated water vapour values > Download radiosonde profiles (IAP only)

The GPS network

Measures integrated water vapour.
> More information > Download hourly data

The CHARM Precision Filter radiometer network

Measures integrated water vapour.
> More information > CHARM homepage > Download hourly data

Selected ANETZ meteorological data (IAP only)

> More information > Download ANETZ data (10 minute, partly quality controlled) > Download ENAD data (hourly)

Special data sets

TROWARA refined 2004–2013

Integrated water vapour and liquid water retrieved with a new refined physical script for the years 2004–2013.
> Download data

The rain rate

Rain rates retrieved from TROWARA using an opacity physical method.
> Download data

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