STudies in Atmospheric Radiative Transfer
and Water VApour Effects

Download GPS Hourly Data

IMPORTANT: All GPS data before mid-2014 have been reprocessed within the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) reprocessing campaign. Data that have been downloaded here before the 2 March 2020 have not been reprocessed. In case that you downloaded GPS data before this date, please consider downloading the data again. For more information, please contact the database administrator.

(1) Choose the period over which you would like data as yyyy mm dd

Start date: End date: >

(GPS IWV first available in November 2000)

(2) Choose how you would like to restrict the selection of GPS data

You can choose only one of the following three methods

Method (a) – select by station name

Method (b) – select by latitude and longitude

Lower latitude limit Upper latitude limit
Lower longitude limit Upper longitude limit

Method (c) – select by altitude

Lower altitude limit Upper altitude limit

(3) Select the information you would like in the output

(4) Quality control

GPS data are automatically filtered to avoid noisy periods and are then manually quality controlled. Would you like to include data which have not yet been manually quality controlled - this will include more up to date data?

Include all data, even if not manually quality controlled. Only include manually quality controlled data.

(5) Select limits to the number of rows your query returns

(6) Select the output file format


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