STudies in Atmospheric Radiative Transfer
and Water VApour Effects

Water vapour information from the ASMUWARA microwave radiometer

The ASMUWARA (All-Sky MUlti WAvelength RAdiometer) began operating from the roof of the Institute of Applied Physics in Bern in summer 2002. Since September 2006, the instrument has been operating at the Zimmerwald observatory close to Bern. It measures water vapour and liquid water by making observations of the water vapour line and the water vapour continuum at 22.2 and 31.5 GHz, respectively. ASMUWARA makes continual scans of the sky to build up a three dimensional picture of water vapour. By making measurements at several microwave and infrared frequencies, it can also provide tropospheric temperature and water vapour profiles.

Further details are available on the ASMUWARA web page

Data download

> Download hourly average IWV, ILW and brightness temperature data
> Download hourly average water vapour profiles
> Download hourly average temperature profiles

Example of all-sky ASMUWARA IWV measurement

Example of all-sky ASMUWARA IWV measurement

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