STudies in Atmospheric Radiative Transfer
and Water VApour Effects

Water vapour information from the AMSOS microwave radiometer

AMSOS (Airborne Microwave Stratospheric Observing System) is a microwave radiometer that observes spectral lines of water vapor near 183.3 GHz. Altitude profiles of stratospheric water vapor can be retrieved from those spectra, typically in an altitude range from 15–65 km. The instrument usually operates from a Learjet of the Swiss Air Force during yearly campaigns. It has also observed stratospheric water vapor from the International Scientific Station Jungfraujoch for extended periods of time.

Further details are available on the AMSOS web page

Data download

AMSOS level 2 profiles are accessible through the MySQL interface of the STARTWAVE database. You need to have a registered STARTWAVE user account to access the data. If you have trouble using that interface, please contact the author of this page. Work on a more user-friendly web interface for download of the data is in progress.

AMSOS measurements

AMSOS latitude survey 1998 AMSOS latitude survey 1999 AMSOS latitude survey 2000 AMSOS latitude survey 2001 AMSOS latitude survey 2002

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