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The Java Runtime Environment version 6

The Java Runtime Environment version 6 (JRE-6 or Java SE 6) is freely provided by Sun Microsystems. Installation of the JRE-6 will allow you to run and view FriOWL, as well as all other Java-created applications on the web, from the comfort of your own internet browser. If you do not have it pre-installed on your browser, you will need to download it here in order to access and view FriOWL:

If you can see the Java applet for entering your name on the FriOWL index homepage, the likelihood is that you already have Java installed on your browser. If you can't it, you probably don't have it. In the case of the latter, just click on the appropriate link above, which will take you directly to Sun Microsystems download page for Java. Save the appropriate JRE-6 file to your personal disk, and then follow the instructions for installation. It will take about 10 minutes to completely install the J2RE.