The Bernese Atmospheric Multiple Catalog Access Tool (BEAMCAT)

What is BEAMCAT?

BEAMCAT is a project of the Microwave Physics Division of the Institute of Applied Physics at the University of Bern, Switzerland. It was started as part of the PhD thesis (pdf, 3.3 MB) of Dietrich Feist in 1998. BEAMCAT is a tool for atmospheric scientists that use spectroscopic data bases frequently. It provides easy ways to merge and compare data from different spectral line catalogs.

The original version of BEAMCAT was only used internally. The project lay dormant for three years and was only revisited in the spring of 2002. The result is a new version of BEAMCAT that is aimed at the whole atmospheric science community. This version runs on a powerful MySQL data base server that contains complete copies of several spectral line catalogs. Besides the spectral line data itself, it also contains meta information that allows online-merging of data from different catalogs quickly and easily. The data can be output in almost any format.

Who can use BEAMCAT?

BEAMCAT is a useful tool for all scientists that are interested in molecular spectroscopy from the microwave to the infrared regime and typically use spectral line catalogs like the JPL catalog or HITRAN.

Anyone can access and download data from the BEAMCAT server through the web interface. If you are a serious user and want to access the data base server directly with your own scripts and programs, you should register as a BEAMCAT user (contact the BEAMCAT administrator). Using BEAMCAT is, of course, completely free of charge.

Documentation and available literature

The documentation on BEAMCAT is still incomplete and probably more useful to experienced users.

Where to go from here?

Beginners and visitors: Try downloading some data through the simple web interface. You don't have to register for this.
Serious users: Consider registering as a BEAMCAT user (contact the BEAMCAT administrator). You will receive a username and password to access our data base server directly. We will also keep you up to date on new developments around BEAMCAT.
Registered users: Forgot your password? Contact the BEAMCAT administrator.