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Validation of the ground based microwave radiometers of NDACC for middle atmospheric water vapor

In this study water vapor measurements of the five 22 GHz radiometers from Onsala, Bern, Seoul (no NDACC instrument), Mauna Loa and Lauder have been compared to the global observations of Aura/MLS. A common set of spectroscopic parameters as well as a common source for the temperature profile have been used in the retrievals of the radiometers. The agreement between the ground based radiometers and MLS is better than 8% and the agreement between the radiometers is better than 10% in an altitude range from 3 to 0.01 hPa.

The study is published in JGR:

A. Haefele, E. De Wachter, K. Hocke, N. Kämpfer, G. E. Nedoluha, R. M. Gomez, P. Eriksson, P. Forkman, A. Lambert, M. J. Schwartz, Validation of ground based microwave radiometers at 22 GHz for stratospheric and mesospheric water vapor, J. of Geophys. Res., in press, 2009

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