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NDACC Microwave Group: Research Groups

Institution / University Head Contact-Email Contact-Phone Short Groupname List of Instruments
Centre for Astrophysics ans Space Science at Chalmers University of Technology, The Radio-Aeronomy Group at Onsala Space Observatory Prof. Donal Murtagh  P. Forkman +46 (0)31 7725500  OSO Sweden  Instruments 
Communications Research Laboratory, Japan   S. Ochiai   CRL Japan  Instruments 
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia Dr. Giovanni Muscari  G. Muscari +39 065186 0724  INGV  Instruments 
Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Science S. Solomonov   S. Solomonov   LPI RAS, Moscow  Instruments 
Meteo Swiss  Dr. Dominique Ruffieux  D. Ruffieux   Meteo Swiss  Instruments 
Nagoya University, Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory Prof. Akira Mizuno  A. Mizuno   STEL, Nagoya University  Instruments 
Naval Research Laboratory, Water Vapor Mm-Wave Spectrometer Dr. Gerald Nedoluha  G. Nedoluha +1 (202) 767-4246   Naval Research Laboratory  Instruments 
Sookmyung Women's University, Seoul, Molecular Spectroscopy Group Prof. J. J. Oh  J. J. Oh +82 2 710 9399  Sookmyung University  Instruments 
Swedish Institute of Space Physics       Swedish Inst. Space Physics  Instruments 
Universität Bern, Institute of Applied Physics Prof. Niklaus Kämpfer  N. Kämpfer +41 31 631 89 11  IAP, Universität Bern  Instruments 
Universität Bremen, Institut für Umweltphysik Prof. Justus Notholt  J. Notholt +49 421 218 3909  IUP, Universität Bremen  Instruments 
University of Massachusetts  Dr. Alan Parrish  A. Parrish   University Massachusetts  Instruments