Water Vapour Literature Database


The water vapour literature database offers a collection of literature relevant for research in the field of atmospheric water vapour. Research articles devoted to observations, validation, measurement techniques or modelling of water vapour are included in the database. The aim is to provide researchers of the water vapour community a quick overview and access to important publications.

This database has been realised in the frame of the water vapour working group of the International Space Science Institute, ISSI, and also in context of the working group on water vapour of the COST project WAVACS. It is in no way a replacement or even a duplication of existing databases such as e.g. the web of science or any search engines.

The database can be used by anyone. In order to have access to publications you have to register. Contact the database administrator, Klemens Hocke , for more information.

The Institute of Applied Physics, University of Bern, is the hoster of the literature database.


Cross-validation tables now availabe! Download (pdf, 568 kB)