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Last update: 19.07.2018
Atmospheric processes
Atmospheric processes
We investigate the nature of atmospheric processes by means of observations and simulations. Especially we are interested in:

- Generation, propagation, and dissipation of atmospheric waves
- Transport processes and atmospheric composition changes
- Sudden stratospheric warming and mesospheric cooling
- Role of stratospheric ozone and water vapour in the climate system

Origins, pathways, consequences, and inter-relations of atmospheric processes are derived from measurements of various instruments such as microwave radiometer, rain radar, and radiosonde. The observations are combined, analysed, and visualized. Parallel, we simulate and interpret the characteristics of atmospheric processes with atmospheric models.
Bernet Leonie   Contact  
Portrait Leonie Bernet
Division:Microwave Physics
Group:Atmospheric processes
Status:Ph.D. student
Hocke, PD Dr. Klemens   Contact  
Portrait Klemens Hocke, PD Dr.
Division:Microwave Physics
Group:Atmospheric processes
Status:Head of group